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Rabbit Rashad - Recording Artist/DJ

Rabbit, born Rashad Williams, has a charm and charisma unmatched by any other both on and off the microphone. Though humble in nature, those that know him personally will tell of his dynamic personality and his instant command of attention anytime he walks into a room. Behind the microphone, he is best known for his witty word play and sarcastic style. Rabbit, a New Orleans native, was born into a city unlike any other. This is a world filled with music, foods, and cultures that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. These elements helped to mold the creativity within the young artist. With all sunshine, however, rain must fall. New Orleans, Louisiana is notorious for being the one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Drawing inspiration from the best and worst of his environment, Rabbit has taken his surroundings and created a style unique unto himself. As an artist Rabbit displays a unique boldness. His personality, ability to paint pictures with words to touch people, along with his ability to grab attention one verse at a time makes him a true stand out artist. 

Features: Windy City Underground, Crescent City Radio, UE Radio Live, International-Hip,