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Don't Feed The Trolls While Starving Yourself

I'm starting a new initiative for the new year. We've all come across trolls, but we may call them different things (haters, stans, pain in the ass). Essentially, a troll is anyone who tries to provoke people into arguments or otherwise get people emotionally riled up. Need an example? Check the comments section of any popular post on the internet ever! Or just check some YouTube videos. They have the most notorious trolls on the internet.

Now if you happen to be someone who does a lot of posting on the web, then having trolls is a good thing. Have you ever heard that a hater is your biggest fan? It's true. Let me put it into perspective. Trolls will always be checking your posts, giving you views, and leaving you comments. What more could you ask for of a fan? Of course you'd want to feed your trolls. They're feeding you. took an interesting spin on it this year by recognizing their favorite trolls of 2013.

On the flip side, if you're on the consumer end of things, these trolls have nothing for you. They hang around just to eat off of your energy by pissing you off. Then what do you get out of it? You walk away feeling drained because you wasted your keyboard strokes, brain power, emotion, and time. Does that sound like a fair trade to you? Of course not. So join the initiative. Don't feed the trolls, and as always...

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