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3 Ways To Overcome Rejection

Have you ever felt like you were looked over for something that you deserved? Maybe it was the promotion at your job. Maybe it was that person you were crushing on that kept you in the dreaded friend zone. Maybe you went on American Idol and Simon said you were awful. The point is that at some point we all have to deal with rejection...

Happy 2014!!!

Happy New Year! I hope you start fresh and leave 2013 in 2013. I plan on doing just that and making strides into my 2014 including finishing my album among other projects...

New In The Shop: Impossible Is A Lie

The only thing stopping you from anything is yourself. Get your "Impossible Is A Lie" T-shirt in the Shop!

Overnight Success

Worth the share..

New In The Shop: Greatness Breeds Envy

Let's face it: any time you try to do something great or even just try to better yourself in small ways, you'll have opposition...

What Does A Millionaire Look Like?

If you close your eyes and imagine a millionaire, what do you see? What does a millionaire look like? What does one dress like? What car does a millionaire drive? How would you know if you saw a millionaire at a gas station? Would he be wearing a tailored suit and driving a Porsche?

Lecrae: "They don't see artists as people, they see them as characters."

"They don't see artists as people, they see them as characters." I respected the man before, but I gained even more respect for Lecrae after reading this...

Spin Sessions (Pressure)

I just added a new mix to the Spin Sessions. Press play...

(Photos) Rabbit Rashad Performs at Republic of New Orleans

Evolution of Philosophy

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