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Dee-1 Signs With RCA

I want to send a shout out to Dee-1. Last night, he announced on Q93 that he signed a deal with RCA Records (Inspiration Imprint). It's much deserved for someone that's been grinding as hard and long as he has. Congratulations and keep grinding!

Album Update

It's been a couple of years since I released my last project. My last mixtape was CLEW The Mixtape Vol. 3 and before that was my album Seasons. I've been working long and hard perfecting a new album, and right now it's about 85% finished. I'm not ready to reveal the title quite yet, but it is coming and I'm very excited about it. Stay tuned for updates. Join the VIP list to stay in the loop!

3 Things To Look For In A DJ

The other day I found myself wondering “what makes a good DJ,” and I’m the type of person to go to Google just about any time I catch myself wondering. Well, some of the answers that I came across about hiring a good DJ leaned pretty heavily on a professional image, top notch equipment, and a huge library of only the biggest hits. When I saw this, it sent up a few red flags. Reason being is because these things are very superficial and are completely meaningless without something solid behind them. Don’t get me wrong, anybody that you pay to do a job should have a level of professionalism, but it needs to go deeper than their “image.” After all, you pay a DJ to sound good, not to look good (side note: this is not an excuse to dress and look sloppy). So I dug deeper and after reading through some of these articles, I decided to break it down to 3 things to really look for in a DJ:

1.) Reliability
2.) Talent
3.) Personality

Spin Sessions (Hip Hop Hooray)

Here's a hip hop throwback mix for the Spin Sessions.. Press play

MP3 download whole song

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3 Things You Can't Take Back

Do you remember as a kid, maybe with siblings or maybe in daycare, having to share your toys? I remember, among other things, playing with action figures, trying to decide who was gonna be Optimus Prime, who was gonna be the Green Ranger, and who was gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin (Of course none of them matched, but we were like 6. Who cared?). And oh the fickle young heart to decide to want to be the Green Ranger, only to change his mind in the middle of the game to want to be Optimus Prime, because he can shoot rockets (complete with all the explosion sound effects a six year old can make with his mouth). And then an argument occurs and someone gets called an “Indian Giver” and all the toys get taken away until we can learn to play nice...

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

I’m a firm believer that you get what you give (some people call it Karma). The energy you pour out is the same energy you’re going to get back in a boomerang effect. So if you’re the type of person that wants big things, then you need to evaluate the energy you’re sending out...

Impossible is a Lie

One word that I truly can’t stand is “impossible” (as in something can’t be done). It reeks of negativity, and in itself is generally false. I’m sure you’ve had people tell you that something you want to do can’t be done. Before 1903 it was said that it’s impossible for man to fly...

Spin Sessions (Shake Somethin)

This Spin Session includes coast to coast party music with influence from New Orleans...

Tough Choices: An Important Lesson On Decision Making

Hypothetical situation (and I pray you never are actually in this situation): You and your young child (10 or younger) go on a boat ride/cruise/yacht out into the ocean. For whatever reason, the ship hits something and starts sinking. There are no emergency lifeboats, but there is one life jacket between your child and yourself. Who do you put the life jacket on?


What I Learned From Miss America 2013

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Miss America pageant in my life (unless you count the one in the Miss Congeniality movie), but as I’m scrolling through my Facebook timeline, one of my friends posted an article about racism in this year’s contest. Apparently some people in the twitter world aren’t too happy about Nina Davuluri, the Miss America winner (who was born in New York) being of Indian descent...

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