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Spin Sessions (Freak)

The Spin Session this week includes music from Jamie Foxx, 112, Ying Yang Twins, Chris Brown, Nas, Matt G, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj

Why I Don't Play The Lottery

No this isn’t a conspiracy theory, or a “the system is designed to keep you down” rant (but we all know the numbers are WAY against your favor). Honestly if you look at it from the surface, who wouldn’t want a large deposit in their bank account? I’m definitely not against a big payday. I mean if you want to make a generous donation to my account I’ll be more than happy to give you the PayPal link.

How to Cure Fear

So I’m flipping through my Facebook the other day, and I notice a lot of my former schoolmates and people I grew up with starting their own businesses. To begin with, I want to say that’s a pretty big deal. That means taking a big step toward building what could be a financial juggernaut, a job creating gold mind, or at the very least the self satisfaction of being able to say, “This is mine and nobody has the power to take this from me but me.” So congratulations on taking that first step. It’s often said that the first step is the scariest. It means being vulnerable and exposing a very precious part of yourself: your dreams...

The Hustler vs. The Entrepreneur

Scenario 1: A narcotic is initially grown. The narcotic gets sold in bulk and shipped to the distributors in major cities. They distribute to the neighborhood dealers (street hustlers) at a wholesale price. The neighborhood dealers open up shop (on street corners) and hire security (goons) and sales reps (homeboys) to help in the day to day operations and sell (the narcotic) to the consumer at retail price.

Scenario 2: A designer creates a clothing line. The designer sells the line in bulk to the distributors in major cities. They distribute to the neighborhood dealers (retail stores) at a wholesale price. The neighborhood dealers open up shop (in the mall) and hire (mall) security and sales reps (college students) to help in the day to day operations and sell (the clothing line) to the consumer at retail price.

Spin Sessions (Without Me)

Just posted a new Spin Session. Listen to it here or the links right below the picture.

Stop The Violence Tees

Stand for something worth standing for. Get a "Stop The Violence" T-shirt in the Shop

The History of Twerk: The Dance Between Twerking and the Media

Twerking... It seems to be all over the media as of the past few months, mainly because Miley Cyrus has “brought it so much mainstream attention.” I put it in quotes because if you were paying even the slightest bit of attention to American pop culture since the early 90’s you’d know that this ain’t nothin’ new. We saw the beginnings of “twerking” in 1992 with “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot, before that with “Pop That Coochie” by the 2 Live Crew in 1991, and even before that with “Da Butt” by Experience Unlimited in 1988. Then there was The Jitterbug in the 1920’s with all those twirling skirts (Too throwback for you?)

Spin Sessions

Growing up, listening to the radio, one of the things I would look forward to the most was the DJ's mix show. I was fascinated with how the DJ would cut and blend some of my favorite songs with songs I've never heard before and keep it hype the entire time. I still hear it sometimes, but the majority of what I hear on radio is...

Who's Measuring Your Success?

It just feels fitting. We strive for it, desire it, and some of us write songs about it (Or at least download songs about it). Success... But our definitions of the word vary so much that for some it's difficult to determine what it means to be successful, let alone when they've actually reached success. Can someone only be called successful when they have the money, cars, clothes, and hoes? I suppose. But we all know how the saying goes: Mo' money mo' problems. I'm not gonna talk about the jealousy aspect of it though (That'd be too easy). I want to take a look into what most people don't (or at least don't talk about): Once you get it, you have to work even harder to keep it. After you drive off the lot in a new whip, you gotta change the oil, rotate the tires, wash and wax, and keep it gassed up. And don't let something break down on your car. I've seen that break a few people down to where they quit...

Website Relaunch

We've officially relaunched! New layout, new content, new designs, and we've even made the website mobile and tablet friendly so you'll have easy access to all of the content no matter where you're visiting from. So who is Rabbit? He's been labeled a Rapper, a Poet, a Writer, a DJ, and a Business Man. Well he's all of the above and more, and with the relaunch of, you'll get to experience all aspects of the artist they call Rabbit Rashad...

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