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Spin Sessions

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Growing up, listening to the radio, one of the things I would look forward to the most was the DJ's mix show. I was fascinated with how the DJ would cut and blend some of my favorite songs with songs I've never heard before and keep it hype the entire time. I still hear it sometimes, but the majority of what I hear on radio is a voice over a playlist. Now this isn't bad as long as long as the voice has personality and something to talk about, but the spirit of the two tables and a mixer is necessary to the essence of any broadcast that claims to be the number one for hip hop. Granted, I understand that the radio has to get paid, so by all means get your money, but for the person who was or is anything like me growing up I'm gonna release a mix every week that you'll be able to listen to or download in the Spin Sessions section. In celebration of the relaunch of, I'm gonna kick it off with this Spin Session that I'm calling Problems. Enjoy!

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