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Success: A Bigger Picture

I'm a hustla baaaabey! Shout out to Pharrell, and if you don't know where that came from, Google the lyrics. Which brings me to my point. A lot of "small time" hustlers have the tendency to think they've made it "big" because they have 1,000 Facebook likes and Twitter. Is that a big milestone? Yes, absolutely. It's also a big part of creating your own lane, but nobody is making a living from Facebook likes and Twitter followers alone. To put it into perspective, If you Google Pharrell, his Facebook and Twitter pages will come up along with news, blogs, and other articles about him. In other words, the likes and followers he has is a small part of a much bigger picture. What are your thoughts? Have you put your name in Google lately? What do you think are good ways to create a bigger picture? Let me know in the comments below. I wonder what would come up if I Google myself...

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