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You have the right to remain silent
Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law

You have the right to remain silent when your city spends $47 million on a brand new juvenile detention center while we're still waiting on updates for our schools. I guess there's more profit in prisons than progressing our youth.

You have the right to remain silent when someone close to you will curse all Islam in one breath and then quote Muhammed Ali in the next. They have issue with immigrants and refugees when America was colonized by immigrants and refugees

You have the right to remain silent
While domestic terrorists try to silence the voice of a pissed off people in the name of tradition or patriotism when America was founded on rebellion and treason

You have the right to remain silent as our schools try to remove the word “slavery” from our children's textbooks as if ignoring the reality of history will somehow make it go away. Washing away the guilt of the past but keeping all the benefits from it.

You have the right to remain silent

While those who claim to not be racist
Quietly support lawmakers and politicians who blatantly pander to the most hateful of audiences
Under the guise of making America great again because “at least he's honest about his bigotry. With him you know what you're gonna get”
Make America great again
Great like when black people knew their place
Great like before everyone had a news crew in their pocket ready to broadcast live to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, periscope
Great like when police could hide from accountability when they beat the black off of a niggas face
Great like when a nigga would get lynched for looking too hard at a white woman and there'd be a good old fashion barbecue and church service afterwards
Complete with burning crosses in the name of a white Jesus who was not born in Europe, and was descended from Abraham who was descended in part from Shem (Eber) and in part from Kush (Azurad) from whom came the Nubian Kingdom of Kush that was located in east Africa, south of Egypt. Jesus was black and hung high by Europeans who wanted to put a nigga in his place.

You have the right to remain silent when the good old boys at the Oscar's don't invite black people to the party and then shout “all actors matter” when we have our own party to celebrate the black actors and filmmakers that they shun but we admire. Thank you for representing us! Thank you Deshauna Barber for representing for our daughters, and showing them that you don't need to have blonde hair or blue eyes to be considered beautiful and that a princess can also be tough. Thank you for representing us!

You have the right to remain silent
If you feel uncomfortable in the face of facts
Little white children got killed in school on my timeline
It was a national tragedy. I agree
But a little black boy got killed on my timeline
The shooter walks free
The shooter's gun was sold in auction online for 6 figures
Hailed as a piece of American history

You have the right to remain silent
When in the same year, two different people, one black and one white, are both convicted of rape
One a football player from Vanderbilt (Corey Batey)
The other a member of the swim team at Stanford (Brock Turner)
One gets a mandatory sentence of 15 to 25 years
The other gets 3 months with good behavior because “a prison sentence would have a severe impact” on his life. Guess which one is white in post racial America that some are claiming to want to make great again. Great for who? These are facts. This is the America I know
You have the right to remain silent
Or you can sing out loud
I got broads in Atlanta
But none of them quite like Miranda...


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