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Why I Don't Play The Lottery

No this isn’t a conspiracy theory, or a “the system is designed to keep you down” rant (but we all know the numbers are WAY against your favor). Honestly if you look at it from the surface, who wouldn’t want a large deposit in their bank account? I’m definitely not against a big payday. I mean if you want to make a generous donation to my account I’ll be more than happy to give you the PayPal link.

Ok so part of the reason I decided to speak on this is because of Chief Keef. The other day I read about how he had to cancel shows on his tour because he may be going to jail (again). Since he’s had his “payday” he’s been in a string of trouble including traffic violations, gun charges, and baby mama drama for not paying child support. Now Keef didn’t exactly have the most privileged upbringing. At age 15 he dropped out of school. At age 16, Keef was shot at by police and arrested for unlawful use of a weapon and subsequently placed under house arrest. At age 17 he was signed to Interscope Records (a metaphorical jackpot). Did I mention he just turned 18 less than a month ago?

Now most people think that money can solve a lot of problems, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Money amplifies whatever is already inside of a person. If you’re a jerk without money, you’ll be a bigger jerk with it. If you were a giving person without money, you’ll be able to give more when you have it. If you have a tendency to get into trouble without it... You get the idea.

Ok so let’s say I have nothing under my name. No car note, no rent, no mortgage, nothing is tied to my name, and I barely know how to pay bills. Let’s say I’m a scrub (word to TLC). I make an okay amount of money (compared to my bills), but I have no ambition. Picture painted? Good... Now let’s say I hit the lottery with a huge payday. Since I’ve never had the responsibility of a car note, rent, or anything else in my name, I never learned to manage my money. So I quit my job because I think I’ve got it made. I buy a big house, new cars, and the attention of some pretty females... But what I fail to realize is that once you get something, you have to work even harder to maintain it (Related: Who’s Measuring Your Success?). There’s insurance, taxes and maintenance on the house and cars. As for the females... Well let’s just call them gold diggers high maintenance too. So before long, my entire payday is blown. Then I’m back to square one, but this time I have to go without what I had in the beginning because I quit my job when I won the lottery. Tough scenario, right?

This scenario is more common than you think. The reason is because if you don’t build a deep and solid foundation when you have nothing, you’ll be swept away with all the turmoils that come with the money (Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems). I may not speak for everybody when I say this, but as for myself, I’d rather earn it and build my foundation any day before getting it and losing it all for my lack there of. I’ll let God determine how my payday comes, but I won’t put my money on it being the lottery. I wish the best for Chief Keef, and I hope you get something out of reading this. I wanna know your thoughts. How do you feel about the lottery? Let me know in the comments below!

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